Mercury will station Retrograde in the Fire sign of Aries,┬ástarting March 22nd and continuing until Tax Day, April 15th. It will be representing a ‘trigger point’ activating serious and life-changing emotions that may become out of balance during this time. Your soul will be shaken to it’s roots. Confusion, harsh words, anger, rash decisions and careless choices are the outward signs of this internal irritation. Be careful. Stay calm. You may make moves or decisions and have a “Devil may care” attitude, not worrying about who it affects or the outcome or results it produces. This can be risky and dangerous. One interesting point is that you can now experience how people feel and think about you and how they see or perceive you. The fire opens the path and illuminates what was depp and hidden. You may abandon old friends and acquaintances; and you are given the chance to fix those misguided assumptions.

The pressure for change is strong. Some may walk into their place of employment and immediately quit. If you do, remember that it will be one to three weeks before you get that new position. Plan well if this is on your mind.

In matters of love, use caution with your words. This is not the time to get married, if you can, as you may find that you will feel like you rushed into a relationship too fast. Do not fight. If your mate is tense, giving them time is better than pushing the issue. If you do not exercise calm, you will regret your words and actions.

Consider postponing┬ádental work or surgeries at this time, as their might be issues with infection and bleeding. Do not have car repairs if you can avoid it, as you may have to take it back in for a “re-do”. Aries is a Fire sign, so you want to minimize any “fires” in any aspect of your life. Engine fires are not fun, and neither are home fores. Use caution in the kitchen, with candles, and with fireplaces and heaters.

If you are wanting to just keep an even keel, remember that this lasts only three weeks in strength, with a little residual in the end. If you breathe, hold your tongue, and learn patience, you will get through this fine.

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